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Backdoor SDBot.H Trojan removal

Has your computer infected with Backdoor trojan? Trojan is kind of virus which can slow your computer. As it can copy itself and infect other computer without your permission. In short, Backdoor trojan provides spyware creator ways to update unwanted things over the Internet. You probably infected this trojan by running an unknown program of visit a malicious site. Anyway, you want to remove Backdoor trojan with the most easy way. If the anti-virus program does not work for you, you can follow the steps below and manually remove Trojan.

Clean Backdoor trojan with Windows registry.

Normally, you can locate the trojan and remove it using registry editer. The file may contain the name I5Eexplore.exe. Two things you should do.

1 Delete the file called I5Eexplore.exe on your computer.

Open My Computer and show all the hide file. Then you can type the key words of I5Eexplore.exe to find and delete the file from hard disk.

But don’t stop here, the trojan has already modified the registry. Simpley removing files can not fix the problem. You need remove registry entries related to this trojan to prevent it spreading.

How to use registry editer? Just click on Start, Run, type in Regedit and click OK to open the Registry Editor

Find the keys below


Simply remove the keys refers to I5Eexplore.exe than restart your computer. Warning: If you delete useful registry key by mistake, it may lead to system corrupt. Suggest you take care when operate it.

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