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Error loading Operating System

Did you get Error Loading Operating System?

Did you get black screen after the installation of Windows XP.

Many people ask me that why they get “Error Loading Operating System”. They don’t know how this came about. I also encounter this problem! You will face this problem only when you using Windows XP Operating System. Error Loading Operating System occurs during your PC start up. When your BIOS check your hardware and your system applications, you tend to get a black screen.usually, it occurs after you install Windows XP. With “Error Loading Operating System”, you can not start up your PC as normal. Frequently, bluescreen of death follow.

Why you get “Error loading Operating System”?

1: The reason is obvious.Some SYS files get missing,it maybe your antivirus software delete them or your misoperation cause this.The same principle, when you install Windows XP incorrectly, your system is unavailable. Need to repair partition table. How can i fix this “Error loading Operating System“?

The directly way is to recover a missing file. I don’t recommend you do that. If you have little knowledge of computer, you’d better not to repair it yourself! You should aware that you add an error file to you computer will make your system a mess! what’s worse, it will crash.Also you will get problem of downloading a file. You may go to a malicious web site to download virus disguise as a file you need. So you need a professional repair tool. Doctor Alexander is a computer technical personnel. He suggest you use RegTOOL to repair it. RegTOOL safely scan your PC, repair Windows Startup Errors with easy.

2: The BIOS can not communicate correctly with your system hard drive. When your system starting up, designated sectors can not be found! Loading operation system error. Bios need to be replace!

- You can update your BIOS, First, determine which type of BIOS you are using(contact with vendor). Download the update software at Official website. New BIOS file will be a file with “bin” suffixes, choose your motherboard type.

- Run this tool. Recommend you backup first, then update the file you have downloaded!

- Restart your PC, it will be OK.

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