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Fix “cannot open IE”

Did you feel frustrated when “Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet Site”? Want to know how to fix IE frozen problem? You may also get error message while you open your Internet Explorer browser. The error message pops up displaying “Microsoft Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close”. This article, we will focus on how to solve IE cannot open problems.

Internet Explorer has encountered a problem
Internet Explorer reports this problem, just because DLL files is out of date or get missing. You can update IE to latest version or download DLL file which is missing or corrupt from

IE freezes
There is a popup window trying to open, it seems load for ever. Then the browser freeze for about a minute. You have to close it but for no other choices. Run an antivirus, you will find tons of Spyware. They tend to modify your registry and damage Internet Explorer. Go to Safe Mode, clean them with your anti-virus.

Internet Explorer does not open.
If you click IE icon, it never open but gives you an hour glass for a few seconds. You should check the compatibility. This problem occurs when you download IE7, IE8 for your Vista or Win7. Uninstall the current version from Control Panel and restart your computer. To solve this problem, you can update Windows. Click Start, point to All Programs, and then click Windows Update.

Internet Explorer pop up or homepage changed.
This error indicates you have adware on your computer. They just want to take you to malicious sites giving you annoying pop up. An Adware installed on your computer without your known and it modifies your IE. When you open the browser, this plug-in will automatically open an advertising page.
Error Fix is a professional tool for IE restore. It solves all kinds of IE problems with easy. Simply click the button, all problems gone.


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