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Fix memory can’t be read error

Do you recieve “memory can’t be read error” or “memory can’t be written error”? Those memory can’t be read error seens occur when you launch a program, when you open IE broswer, when you play a game and install a software. Usually they show you 0x can not be read. How to fix memory can’t be read error? People don’t know why they get the error on Windows system. This article provides you some usefull information and sulotions.

In fact, 0x memory can’t be read does not indicate your memory is damaged. The problen can be software and hardware related. However, your hardware is not so easy to got broken.

Some possible causes of 0x memory can’t be read error

1 Too many program running consumes the memory
2 Autorun program make your system a mess. Run -Msconfig- close some usefull startup program.
3 Lack of RAM
You’d better add more RAM to meet the needs.
4 Problem of CPU, fan overheating.
5 Driver error, please reinstall or update driver.
6 The system can not execute an illegal operation!
7 Virus infact, you need update your anti-virus and give your computer a full scan.
8 The problem may be caused by software itself.
9 Try to open CMD window and type in the command.
for %i in (%windir%\system32\*.dll) do regsvr32.exe /s %i enter
for %i in (%windir%\system32\*.ocx) do regsvr32.exe /s %i enter and reboot
10 Most memory can’t be read errors are relate to a corrupt registry. To fix the error, you can use a Registry cleanup tool.

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