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All of a sudden, the hard disk becomes very slow. As a result of hard disk failure, all the programs on the hard disk can not run smoothly. You may access the drives waiting for a long time. You may not open IE browser immediately. All becomes unbearable slow! How can I repair the slow performance? 
When you face the strange problem you should firstly check if it is a hardware problem or a system problem.

1 Does your computer have a good configuration? Make sure you have enough memory space. You can right click the Disk Volume and see the drive state. Many times, the slow hard disk caused by full of files. It is suggested to keep over 5 G to run the Windows fast. Of course, RAM is another factor affects the hard disk. You can google some good hard disk testing tools and diagnose the problem. 
Regtool is a simple utility helps you to physically organize the contents on the disk to store the file pieces close to each other. By making the contents contiguous, computer can run faster.

2 Your computer is full of viruses. You may check malware using an efficient anti-virus program. 
Your computer can’t do too many things at one time. If the computer is infected, the CPU usage will go to a high rate. Why it happens? The virus can rudely add useless process and run malicious applications at background. In this case, there are no more memory space available for system and other programs running.

3 Sometimes, it is because the ribbon cable is not connected. Over years, the cable is getting loose and cause hard disk failure. Turn off your computer and try to plug in all the cable for a try.

Regtool is an professional system tweaker. It helps you clean up all the invalid files, programs and fonts to free up the hard disk. Then it repairs registry errors to prevent computer freezing and crash.

Other features for slow computer
Smart defragmenter
Internet Explorer repair
DLL re-register

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