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How to fix blue screen of death

There are so many reasons for blue screen, making it impossible to explain them comprehensively in one article. However, they tend to focus on some common causes such as hardware’s incompatiblity with the driver, incompatible DLL’s and virus. Here, I will provide you some common Schemes to fix bluescreen.

1. Restart: Sometimes, it just a program gets wrong, they will be corrected after the restart.

2. Check new hardware: if you install new hardware, you should check whether it is installed tight. It is not the main cause of Blue Screen, however, you should pay attention to it. If no problem confirmed, you might contact suppliers.

3. New driver and new services:

If you just finished installing a new driver, or installing a service system and adding  the corresponding program (e.g., anti-virus software, software, CPU temperature firewall software, etc.) for the hardware and software, your PC will get blue screen. Just uninstall it in safe mode.

4. Clean the virus:
Viruses such as shockwave viruses and some of the Trojan spyware viruses can cause blue sreen. Some of the spyware can also cause blue screen. The best way is to scan the PC and clean the virus. I recommend the best tool here:

5. Check the BIOS and hardware compatibility.
For new computer,blue screen problem often appears.You should check and upgrade the BIOS to the latest version. For example, if the motherboard BIOS can not support large capacity hard disk, the PC might get blue screen. It need to upgrade.

6. Install the latest system patch and Service Pack:
Some blue screen fault is caused by faulty of Windows itself. so you can solve it by Install the latest system patch and Service Pack .

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