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How to fix Hal.DLL error

Hal.dllDLL is a kind of shared library which used by multiple processes while only being loaded once into memory. Hal.dll is one of the important DLL files. It is Windows’ Hardware Abstraction Layer. Common errors you may receive: Hal.DLL Not Found, Missing File, exception Errors. System has not yet fully loaded when the error message appears. While refer to Hal.DLL, we also have trouble to boot our computer. How can we fix Hal.DLL error? The causes are list below.

Cause of “missing or corrupt hal.dll”
For some reasons, Hal.DLL is get corrupt. For example, computer virus can damage boot.ini file cause startup error.

Hal.DLL missing naturally or maliciously is another cause.

How to fix this error?
1 You may get luck by restarting computer.

2 If you are sure Hal.DLL is missing, you can run Recovery console and restore the file from i386 to Windows\system32 folder.

3 GHOST is an easy way to restore but can cause boot.ini change. For boot.ini error, you can go to safe mode and repair it.

4 Unexpected shutdown of your computer can get partition corrupt. Writing a new partition is the best way to get rid of Hal.DLL error.

5 Perform Windows reinstall. This is the most easy way to fix Hal.DLL error. You should notice that some important files may get lost. So just backup them before reinstallation.

If you do not have a recovery CD, you can copy the Hal.DLL file from another computer using a DOS-bootable diskette. The Hal.DLL is a hidden file. Click “My Computer” > Tools > enable hide file > use “Search File” to find Hal.DLL.

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