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How to get rid of a Rundll error?

When you boot your PC, you may receive a Rundll error such like Rundll32. Whatever you do, it never gone away! How to get rid of a Rundll error? I’m an IT man with ten years experience, so here I just show you how to fix Rundll error.


What is Rundll?

Dll is shot for Dynamic-link library. DLL files were designed to improve computer performance. It is a kind of system process which contains many codes and data. DLL files are different with other files, it can be shared by many programs at one time. And Rundll files belongs DLL files, they are systems process directly related to the registry! Then the benefit with DLL file is obvious. It helps us save memory and enhance computer speed. Anything should be known as two aspects. If Rundll files are damaged, you may face computer error.


Cause of Rundll error?

For some reasons such like virus infected, improper computer shutdown, Rundll files may get missing. Rundll file missing can cause this error. Did you install any hardware or software? The drives of the programs have DLL files which may the cause of the DLL error. If you get a Rundll error, you should first remove that adds.


Manually delete Rundll error.

1. Go to Start menu.

2. Click run.

3. Type services.msc in the command box.

4. A new windows called Services Management pop up. You can highlight any service; it will show you detail information of the service.

5. Right click to stop the DLLs services which cause the error.


This method is simple but brings you risk, you know the registry is the most complex and important part of Windows. If you delete some service which is useful, it will bring you big trouble.


A registry clean tool was designed to automatically clean your registry. It can scan and detect the error in the registry. With a registry tool, you can fix Rundll error with easy! Re-registering Rundll file can solve problems involving DLL file missing and corrupt. Recommend you have a try!


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