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IE homepage was changed

Ever has the problem when you open IE and find the homepage was changed? You fail to set it back in spite of all your exertion. Generally speaking, the change was made by malicious program such like spyware. In order to fix this problem, you can follow the free instructions below. We can’t guarantee a success, but most time it works.

How to change IE homepage
Right-click Internet Explorer icon on the desktop
Move the cursor to properties and select it
In the General column, you can enter URL. As the defaults, we set IE homepage as about:blank.

Unfortunately, this common way does not work all the time. Virus may change the shortcut. No matter how you reset the IE homepage, it never get back. If you encountered this problem, you can delete the IE shortcut on the desktop. Then go to the folder: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer and create a new shortcut.

If the registry has been modified, you can manually repair it. Click Start > Run and type in regedit. Then find the key called HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main and double-click Start Page to change the value.

The site contains malicious ActiveX file can make your IE a mess. Using Regtool is the best way to solve the problem. RegTool supplies powerful protection and enhanced performance to your PC. With several clicks, you can restore IE settings. Click here to fix IE now?

To stop IE from being changed, here is the way. Open C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer, and right-click the Properties. Click Security tab. Disable “Modify” and click OK.


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